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Callan’s Off-Licence, Dundalk

Callan’s Off-Licence in Dundalk is truly a family business, having been started by my grandfather in 1941 as a traditional bar and grocery.My father Kevin grew up around the business, joining the shop full-time when he finished secondary school.
Kevin saw the grocery side of the business decline from the 1960s, to the point where he dropped it completely in 1980. In 1994 he and my mother Mary took the bold step of doubling the size of the premises by buying the shop next door as they felt it was important to have enough space so that customers can browse and shop at their own pace. I am very proud of my family’s tradition in the business, even though the Callan’s of today bears little resemblance to the bar-come-grocery of times past. With a range of over 300 wines, a wine club, and a walk-in cold room for a good range of beers we were reasonably happy with our progress until the two recent excise increases. Given the problems associated with operating in a border town,such as smuggling and cross border trading, these excise increases have not been helpful to put it mildly.So i am delighted to support this campaign

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