Suporting local jobs, communities and families

Connemara Pub Grows

Over the last number of years, having watched the trends in the Industry, we decided that we had to grow our business. To grow the business, we had to diversify and offer new products and services.
To this end we converted unused rooms into a Holiday Hostel. We added a simple food menu initially brought in for our regulars which has grown into a busy Seafood Bar and Restaurant. This year we converted a quiet lounge into an Irish Arts and Crafts Gallery. Craft Beers were added to broaden the selection of Irish Beers and Ciders. All suppliers are first sourced from amongst our neighbours, artisans and craftspeople in Connemara, followed by Galway, Connacht and Ireland. In that order. We are growing thanks to the support of our local area, and we return that support at every opportunity

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