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Deveney’s of Dundrum

Deveney's was established in 1909, initially as a grocery store, with the addition of alcohol in the '60's it became a mixed trader and eventually in the late '70's became a full Off-Licence.
I am 4th generation Deveney and based in our Off-Licence in Dundrum. We have been part of the Dundrum community for 40 years and in the last 12, faced some serious challenges, the construction of one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, rezoned by the county council, bypassed, overzealous ticket wardens!!, to name but a few but of all of the challenges faced, the 2 substantial increases in excise duty have effected our business most.
We are very much part of the community here and work hard to offer our customer something interesting, different with a service and product knowledge that is worth visiting for, we run regular tastings in our cellar, along with mass events, our annual Craft Beer Festival, The Secret 'BEER' Garden and The Dublin Wine & Fizz Fest but apart from the commercial aspects, we remain one of the only retailers with a heritage and understanding of our local community, the importance of knowing our customers has been a vital part of our business and their loyalty has kept us trading.
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