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Dicey Reilly’s Bar, Off Licence & Microbrewery

Dicey Reillys Bar, Off Licence, Function Room & Microbrewery is a family run business situated in Ireland's oldest town, Ballyshannon. Ballyshannon is located at the Southern tip of
Co. Donegal. It is only 4 miles from the border, with Co. Fermanagh to the East, and 1/4 mile from the Wild Atlantic to the West. The business has been in the O'Reilly Family for the past 38 years and we have employed a lot of local people and supported a lot of local community and sports groups.
Business has never been easy due to our geographical location and proximity to the border. With recent duty increases and reckless below cost selling of Alcohol in the supermarkets it has become a lot more difficult.
Originally a bar we have learned to diversify our business over the years. We added an Off Licence as a "hatch" to the existing bar 25 years ago and built a purpose built Off Licence 10 years ago adjacent to the bar followed by a function room. 18 months ago we built a microbrewery on site "Donegal Brewing Company".
We are extremely passionate about each element of our business and strive to deliver great product, knowledge and excellent customer service. We have won various awards over the past 10 years including National Off Licence of the Year 2013 & 2014.
We have lots of additional plans for our business in the coming years and in the future and hope the Government will support their/your local.

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