Suporting local jobs, communities and families

Support Your Local

Support Your Local

This is an industry that:

  • Employs 92,000 people in every corner of Ireland
  • Buys €1.1 billion worth of Irish inputs.
  • Offers a unique hospitality experience, renowned internationally, in the pubs of Ireland

From the popularity of Irish pubs with tourists, to the iconic Irish brands that are known the world over. From farmers who are producing world-class ingredients to the brewers and distillers who are creating world-class products. From Mizen Head to Malin Head, in every town and village in this country, there are families who are relying on the drinks industry to make their living. This is an exceptional industry, with fantastic stories full of rich detail to tell.

So when we say ‘Support Your Local’, we are taking about:

  • Supporting your local farmer
  • Supporting your local distillery
  • Supporting your local pub, restaurant, hotel or independent off-licence
  • Supporting your local community.

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