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Galvins Off Licence

Galvins wines and spirits has been a family owned business for nearly 60 years. It was founded by my father Barry Galvin Senior who opened one of the first off-licences in Cork, a hatch at the entrance of my grandfathers pub. I am now following in my fathers footsteps in continuing on the family tradition by opening three Cork off licences in Carrigaline, Douglas and Bandon Road and most recently in Clondalkin in Dublin as well as a nationwide wholesale operation. The importance of local community is especially poignant for Galvins given the heritage of the our name in the drinks trade in Cork. We have received great support from our local community as many of them would have known my grandparents John & Sheila Galvin (who previously had a pub at the Bandon Road premises), I am still to this day being told stories about how they helped people. Our customers especially have fond memories of my father and the old hatch off licence!

The ethos behind every Galvins is to offer unrivaled knowledge of wines and spirits in your local, friendly faced off licence, not to mention convenience in parking and ease of access, and priding ourselves on ensuring an unwaning level of responsible trading. We strive to offer a relaxed shopping atmosphere which ensures customer satisfaction with ease whether it be someone looking for a new craft beer to sample or even just having banter with the staff. We are proud to carry an exclusive range of superb wines and speciality spirits, and are committed to developing and encouraging staff in this regard to maintain the highest level of customer service. We continue to strive for excellence in all our stores ensuring standards are met to compete in the NOFLA awards year after year.

To understand the extent to which Galvins represents supporting local it is important to emphasize our passion for Irish craft beer. The wholesale arm of Galvins boasts the largest range of Irish Craft beer nationwide. Proud to champion the growth of the Irish craft beer industry, we have been there since the early days and are delighted see this industry has yet to decelerate in growth with now over 50 breweries nationwide. It is easy to see how relentless backing of this industry will not only support local jobs but also offer its own perks (tastings!) Galvins are privileged to be on the front line to observe peoples tastes and preferences alter in favor of the smaller local breweries and see the excitement customers are experiencing in sampling the ever expanding Irish craft beer range. The vibrancy in the community these breweries have ignited in the form of local food and drinks festivals is an added bonus, illustrating the upturn in the economy right in front of our eyes. The mirrored growth in the Irish whiskey industry is reassuring as an independent off licence that there is a prosperous future in the industry despite of the endless excise increases.

As a small independent retailer the recession has been challenging to say the least. Being faced with the direct competition of below cost selling by foreign owned super markets has added immense pressure. The continued rise in excise duty for wine has flattened the high quality wine sector, an area within which we would have been proud to lead the way in. Customers are constantly looking for more value for less money. Galvins in every aspect represents the small local business in need of community support. To ensure the future of Galvins and other businesses like us, government support is fundamental to combat the ever increasing pressures. Increased support by ceasing all excise duty on alcohol will not only impact the small to medium enterprise but will support growing industries worldwide within our own land, contrary to what history has shown us.

Galvins is thrilled to be able to back the “Support your Local” campaign

Kind Regards,
Barry Galvin JNR

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