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O’Donovan’s off Licence – Ballincollig Branch

Throughout the past few years the drinks trade has suffered and struggled to survive with the recession impacting us in a number of different ways. For example, our stock of wine used to have 2-3 bays to display each country. Now it has been reduced dramatically because people can’t afford expensive wine anymore; one main bay for each country now is the norm. Another reason for this is consecutive excise duty hikes. They have had a devastating impact and further hikes would place my off licence at risk of closure. Another small business would be lost, local peoples jobs dismissed, putting them on social welfare.
My customers can go across the road and buy alcohol from the supermarket but thankfully they choose to buy local with O’Donovan's family owned business because we are friendly, we have the time to chat and to find exactly what they need. All our staff are trained to deal with the customers questions and we take the time to ask our regulars how their lives are going because we care. When our customers buy local, they keep our locally employed staff in a job, which in turn ensures the towns money is circulated locally. We pride ourselves in ensuring alcohol is consumed responsibly. All our staff are RTC trained, practicing responsible trading in the community.
We have customers that come back to thank us for a wonderful party because the wine I had suggested went down fantastically. They usually ask if I can do the same for another upcoming event. It feels good to know you’ve helped someone so much and I feel proud. Often customers spread the good word and send friends in to ask for “Karen’s” help so I can do the same for them. And they in turn, return to the shop again and again. It makes you feel good to know that you’ve used your training well.
And really this is what O’Donovan's off licence is here for, to give the best advice we can. We hope to be helping many more customers for many years to come.

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