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O’Donovan’s Off Licence – Midleton Main St Branch

O'Donovan’s Off Licence first opened on Main Street in Midleton Co. Cork in 1993. Midleton is a busy tourist destination in East Cork which exhibits a wide range of local food and drink products; O'Donovan’s are proud to be a part of this.
Every year in September, The Midleton Food and Drink Festival provides an opportunity for the public to sample the quality local produce. We are among the main sponsors of this event and hold wine tasting classes to educate people on wine and the art of wine and food pairing.
All staff members have attended the Cork Wine School and have an in-depth knowledge on all the products that we have available. We get great feedback from our customers who always come back to us for this reason alone.
Since I first started working here back in 2006, we have always had a world beer selection and some craft beers available. With the recent craft beer explosion in the market, our selection is getting bigger with a strong demand for quality Irish craft beers. Seasonal craft beers are a huge hit when they reach the shelves such as Franciscan Wells Jameson Cask Aged Stout and Coffee Porter. In recent times it seems there are new microbrewery’s being established every year and we aim to get their product on the shelf as soon as possible. The quirky McGargles Brewing Company from Kildare are just one of many examples. Midleton also has a local home brewing club with members who like trying different styles of craft beer and they are among our many loyal customers.
Unfortunately with the hiking up of excise duty and VAT in the last number of years, the industry is being pressured a considerable bit. This is having an adverse effect on the consumption of local products and will damage the local economy.

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