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Owner, Baggot Street Wines

We opened back in July 2011 with just 3 staff from the ashes of the UK based chain Oddbins.
Baggot Street Wines was launched as a 100% independent family owned drinks specialist on July 13th 2011.
Over the last 3 years we've had many ups and downs.
The ups including winning the National Off Licence of the Year Awards Beer Specialist of the Year for 2 years in a row 2013/2014. We've also been fortunate enough to see the business rise to an extent where we've been able to employ 7 members of staff, out of which 5 are full time.
The excise increases however over the last 3 budgets have been the biggest obstacle to business for us. We've seen our entry level wines rise from 6.99 to 9.99 within 18 months meaning the multiples and supermarkets are the ones benefiting as they can sell below cost and meaning our customer base has shrunk to the benefits of foreign owned multinational supermarkets with minimal staffing.
I firmly believe that if the excise increases were reversed I would be able to add an additional 3-4 full time members of staff in this year alone saving the state over €66,000 net between social welfare and tax take.
If this was to be repeated for all of Noffla's membership this would equate to savings to the state of over €22 million.
We're extremely positive about our future and the future of the independent drinks trade in Ireland but we need the help of the government to implement required measures to curb below cost cheap beer, spirits and wine in the supermarkets and to reverse the duty increases over the last 2 years.
We're just about to launch our 1st ecommerce website and will commence building our 1st ever wine bar in our basement, the Cavern on Baggot Street will launch hopefully in Sept 2014. The future is bright and with sensible government oversight it can be even brighter. That is why we fully support this campaign.

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