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Sweeney’s Wine Merchants

Sweeneys Wine Merchants also incorporating Lilac Wines has been supplying a wine service in Dublin’s North Side since 1955.
We are a family run business with a real passion for wine and for providing excellent service to our local customers and many who travel from far and wide. The easy parking at our location at the Harts Corner triangle is ideal for a quick pit stop and our extensive premises are great for browsing for that special item of food or drink.
At the National Off Licence Awards Sweeneys won the prestigious “Off Licence of the Year 2011” and we were delighted to have been named ”Dublin Wine shop of the Year 2014” by Tomas Clancy of the Sunday Business Post.
We stock a comprehensive range of wines, around 750 wines and almost as many craft beers, encompassing all the major wine and beer regions of the world. We are very proud of our fine wine cellar, where you will find some of the best wines from some of the most prestigious wine makers in the world. We are constantly looking for new and exciting wines that are produced by conscientious winemakers from boutique wineries, lesser known grapes and wine regions in order to enhance our customers’ experience.
Our aim is to encourage and help customers learn about wine and beers and we have regular Tastings and we run Wine Courses to this end. We also have themed tastings at weekends and seasonal wine fairs. We use social media- Facebook & Twitter as a marketing tool to help promote wine and beer tastings and keep up to date with our loyal customers needs.
The recession hit small independent retailers hard and many had to diversify to survive. With the help of customer feedback we were able to adapt and expand- we added a range of artisan foods. The combination of fine beverages alongside fine artisan foods has been a great hit with our customers and a boon to Northsiders who like to tickle their palette with tasty treats. In collaboration with Sheridan’s Cheese Mongers, we are able to stock an extensive range of artisan cheeses- many produced in Ireland. Due to our customers’ support and loyalty this area has grown year on year and we are delighted with its success.
In more recent years we have greatly expanded our craft beer range and have over 500 interesting craft beers from all around the world. Very much supporting the Irish craft beer industry we stock over 50 Irish craft beers and ciders. Another growing area within the drinks industry is for unique are rare spirits as Dubliners become more cosmopolitan and seek new and interesting choices. We feel our customers are constantly looking for change and are eager to explore new and exciting foods and beverages- not just wine.
We are honored to be part of the ‘Support your Local’ campaign. It is crucial initiative to help support local businesses such as Sweeneys and Lilac Wines. Hopefully you will appreciate the effort and importance of this vital campaign and you will continue to support your local.
For this, we thank you our customer.

Sweeneys Wine Merchants
6 Finglas Road
Harts Corner
Dublin 11
Phone 01 830 9593
Facebook: Sweeneys Wine Merchants
Twitter: @SweeneysWines

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