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The Vintry,Rathgar,Dublin 6

Over the years we have specialized in the sale of wine here at The Vintry and a high level of product knowledge has underpinned these efforts by all who work here. What is interesting is the recent growth in the sale of micro-brewery beers and premium spirits.I believe that this is no coincidence and that customers who appreciate fine wines are also likely to appreciate a beer/spirit that stands out from the rest.
So small producers would be very important to us and unfortunately I have noticed a reduction in choice since the two major hikes in excise in 2012/13. Foreign suppliers are opting out of the Irish market because their product appears too expensive due to high taxation.It is easier for them to take their marketing spend and use it in a lower excise economy where they feel they will get more“bang for their buck”. My fear is that consumer choice in Ireland will suffer at the hands of excise unless we can get these increases reversed.

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