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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

DIGI published its Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Drinks Industry report, authored by DCU economist Anthony Foley, to mark the launch of its annual Support Your Local campaign. The report found that brewers, distillers, cider producers, pubs, restaurants, hotels and off-licences are supporting and growing economic activity in Ireland—spread widely across the country. 14 percent…

No Place Like Home 800 500 Support Your Local

No Place Like Home

More than half (55%) of Irish people visit Irish pubs when travelling abroad, while nearly two thirds (63%) of us celebrate family occasions like birthday parties, communions and christenings in the local pub, restaurant or hotel, according to new research conducted by Amárach Research among 1,000 people on behalf of the Drinks Industry Group of…

Ireland vs. EU: Excise Tax 640 400 Support Your Local

Ireland vs. EU: Excise Tax

Ireland has the second highest excise duty on alcohol in the European Union. We have the highest wine excise, the second highest beer excise (behind Finland) and the third highest spirits excise (behind Sweden and Finland). Guess the Tax interactive quiz used whole number percentage amounts to find the total tax as a percentage of…

Brexit risks a repeat ‘recession effect’ 640 400 Support Your Local

Brexit risks a repeat ‘recession effect’

After nine months of speculation, parliamentary debates, appeals and court judgements, British Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, formally beginning the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Over the next two years or, as is more likely, much longer, Ireland, alongside our departing neighbour, will undergo unprecedented change. Despite…

Tourism Report 2016 2809 4000 Support Your Local

Tourism Report 2016

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